I have a funny story I want to share with you…

A few months ago I was at a holistic nutrition conference – I was feeling thirsty and craving a diet coke. So I went to the vending machine in the hotel and bought one. Mind you, everyone else at the conference was sipping on their organic kombucha or hot water with lemon.

When I walked in to the room – I could feel that all eyes were on me and my diet coke. I’m sure people were thinking, “WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING WITH THAT POISON?”

Part of me felt embarrassed to be drinking something so “forbidden” in the holistic nutrition world – but on the other hand, I like diet coke sometimes😉

Truth is, I believe so much in the power of food and nutrition – and I think that when we need to dial in on our nutrition for healing purposes (i.e. healing a gut imbalance), sure – things like Diet Coke probably aren’t the best.

But I also believe that life is not black and white and neither is our lifestyle. In the normal scheme of things – is an occasional diet coke going to really impact our health? Probably not. (Heck my grandfather drinks the stuff daily and is almost 100 years old – an extreme example I know!).

But my point is – so often we get SO tied up in identifying as: paleo, gluten free, keto etc – we join Facebook groups, we follow “rules” and then if we step OUTSIDE of those boundaries we feel that we are not being authentic, or we allow others to make us feel guilty. We feel that if we do not follow the strict rules of our labels that we are being “bad”.

*** I call BS. ***

Human beings are not machines – we are always learning, growing and changing. I like my kombucha, my organic meat and nitrate free bacon – but I also like Diet Coke sometimes and that’s OK!

I encourage you to let go of labels and to be OK with ambiguity of being label-less. Be YOU- do what feels right for YOU and resist becoming a slave to the labels you believe you “should” follow.

It’s OK to…

🍽 To follow a mostly paleo lifestyle AND to really love peanut butter!

🙋🏻 To say that you avoid processed foods most of the time AND have a handful of Doritos on occasion because they taste amazing.

🌿 To love “clean” (chemical free) beauty products but refuse to give up your favorite Marc Jacobs foundation!

🍕 To be all about the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) Lifestyle but also make it a point to buy organic food.

This is YOUR life, YOUR body, YOUR lifestyle — give yourself permission to do what feels RIGHT for YOU!

What do you give yourself permission to do that feels scary or might have felt scary before? Let me know in the comments!

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