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January 29, 2018

Thanks But No Thanks: 5 Ways To Deal With Food Pushers

Fat Loss, Mindset, Weight Loss, Wellness

Fat Loss, Mindset, Weight Loss, Wellness

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If there’s one topic that comes up time and time again with my clients – it’s how to handle food pushers when trying to lose weight.

Now I say food pushers in the most loving way because more often than not, the people in our lives who tend to (lovingly) push food on us are often the ones we love and care about so much! In fact – there are many cultures where making food for others is a sign of love and affection !

It’s true that when you have specific goals- you have to be a little bit more choosy and disciplined about when & where you make room for treats, but at the same time – I definitely believe that we should honor and be considerate of those closest to us.

This can be a tricky situation for ANYONE to navigate – after all who wants to say no to mom after she’s spent hours making your favorite childhood dish? But at the same time – who wants to totally derail any progress you’ve made after you have been working your BUTT off to lose weight all week?

The truth is – 1 day a week of going off track is enough to derail your efforts – heck one MEAL can be enough to derail your efforts if you really go YOLO.

First and foremost – it’s important to note that YOU are always in control of your life – your choices and the food that goes into your mouth. You always have permission to say “no thank you” and to show your appreciation for someone’s efforts in other ways – but as I mentioned there might be situations where you just can’t say no. No matter what the circumstances – you CAN (& should) stay on track – here’s how!


#1 Bring something healthy for all.

Heading to a family event where you *know* there won’t be a green veggie in sight? If possible, tell the host ahead of time that you are super excited and really want to enjoy some of his/her cooking but you are also working towards a specific goal. Offer to bring something healthy for all to enjoy!


#2 Pre-plan & get strategic with calories

When it comes to weight loss – calories are pretty darn important (given all is well hormonally), and while you may not be able to control WHAT you are eating – you CAN control how much. Do the best you can to stay within your calorie range for the day even if it means indulging in foods that are more calorically dense than usual. Ask the host ahead of time what the menu will be and look up calorie count estimations for the dishes that will be served. Portions are KEY here – be sure to fill up on lean proteins and veggies and have smaller portions of more calorically dense foods like pasta, lasagna, etc.


#3 Just say no thanks

Of course – if you feel as though the host will not take personal offense just say “no thank you!” to the things that might make it hard for you to stay on track!


#4 Drink up (no, not the wine!)

Cliche – but so important. You are more likely to overdo it on the eats if you are THIRSTY. Fluids will also help take up room in your stomach so that you don’t overeat.  Fill up on water, sparkling water or unsweetened ice tea (heck – if you want to go wild and drink a Zevia or Diet Coke go for it – all things in moderation!).


#5 Focus on the company and conversation

Remember – the most important thing will always be the time spent with loved ones! Do the best you can to fill up your plate using the strategies above and focus on the conversation and company!


How do you deal with food pushers? Do you find that it’s extra hard when it comes to family? Post in the comments & let me know!

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