Mindset, Restore

December 18, 2017

Give Yourself Permission To Do This

Mindset, Restore

Mindset, Restore

jaime morocco

It’s easy to feel as though if you aren’t hustling 24/7 in today’s world that you are a “slacker”.

But what if I told you that NOT taking enough rest could be the very thing that you NEED to look and FEEL your best?

Let me give you an example..

A few months ago I had a client who had hit a weight loss plateau. Her nutrition was on point, she was crushing her workouts – but nothing was moving and it seemed like she was at a standstill.

I asked her if she had been doing her Restorative Rituals.

Her answer? “Nope! I have no time”

We chatted for a few minutes about how we could find time for it in her schedule – and low and behold – 2 weeks later – she busted right through her weight loss plateau.

You see- in every client program I include what I call MANDATORY Restorative Rituals.

I know what you might be thinking – Restorative Rituals? What the heck do you make your clients do Jaime – spray themselves with holy water? ha!

Restorative Rituals are activities that bring you JOY.

I call them rituals – because I think there is something sacred in that world. A ritual to me is a personal experience about really connecting with your inner self and doing something that makes you feel good.

The beautiful thing about Restorative Rituals (RRs) is that they are different for every single person. RRs can be anything from going for a walk in nature, to listening to your favorite song, to painting in your kitchen.

RRs are anything that make you feel like you are “filling your cup” – or that you are taking care of yourself and doing something that brings you pure joy.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the fact that many top CEOs, athletes and other people on top of their game take time to meditate, read or do something that brings them joy. The fact that they make time to do this AND they are super successful at what they do is no coincidence.

And the truth is – whether our goals involve running a billion dollar business – or dropping 10 lb – or just FEELING GOOD –  RR’s absolutely MUST have their place in our routine.

In the case of weight loss – like the client I mentioned earlier – the body MUST feel safe in order to effectively LOSE FAT.

In fact – did you know that losing weight (fat loss) is actually a form of STRESS on the body. In fact- the last thing your body wants to do is get rid of adipose tissue (fat) – this is a survival mechanism.

So when we actually make it a point to get rid of some fat – it’s actually a form of STRESS.

And the more STRESSED your body is – the harder it will be to reach your fitness goals (this is the same case if your goal is to build lean muscle tissue).

Think of how this very concept is applicable to other areas of your life too –

When you are too ” go go go”  do you find it’s hard to be creative?
Do you find that if you don’t make time to rest you have a hard time remembering or concentrating?
Do you find that if you don’t take time to take care of YOU that you have less energy and tend to be a little bit more on edge?

It’s all connected – and it all comes back to making sure we are taking time out in our routine to restore.

So how do you add some RR’s to your schedule? How do you make it a habit?

Get over the guilt

The hardest thing for MANY of us to do is to feel OK with taking time for RR’s. Taking a bath, going for a walk in nature, treating ourselves to a massage – these things can feel indulgent in a way that makes some people feel guilty.

The truth is – you’ve got to take care of you.

And I’ll be honest with you – I have noticed that if I am not taking care of myself and taking the time I need to re-charge –>  I am cranky, I lack creativity and I feel STUCK.

I mean think about it – don’t your BEST ideas or strokes of genius often come to you when you go for a walk or are taking a relaxing bath or shower?

Giving your brain time to rest – actually allows us to tap in to our power EVEN MORE!

I find that the easiest way to get over the guilt that some people experience with RR’s is to repeat a mantra like this one

“It is OK for me to take time for myself. It is safe for me to do things that make me feel good – even if sometimes I feel guilty. I know that over time this guilt will go away. I know that by taking the time to recharge I am more easily able to be the best version of myself.”


Make it a habit!

Once you recognize that it is SAFE and OK for you to take the time you need to restore – it’s time to make it a habit. At the very least – I recommend choosing 2-3+ RR activities per week and scheduling them in to your calendar (I’ve posted a list of RR ideas below!). RRs do not need to take long OR cost money ,the important thing is to just pick the # of times you can commit to and FOLLOW THROUGH. The more you do it – the more it will become a habit and an integral piece of your life.


Take notice of your efforts

I challenge you – check in with yourself after 1 month of making a conscious effort to take part in some RRs. I can pretty much guarantee with 99.9% accuracy you are going to FEEL better — lighter, happier, more creative and more in tune with your entire BEING.

Continue to check in

Even when Restorative Rituals are a part of your weekly (or hopefully daily) routine – it’s normal to fall off track once in a while. Like with anything – be kind to yourself. We are human – and we are always doing the best that we can. Check in with yourself every now and again – if it feels like you need to spend some more time taking care of YOU – you’re probably right.

Need some more inspiration? Check out these ideas:

  • Reading your favorite book
  • lighting a candle
  • Taking a bath
  • Putting on a face mask and sitting with a cup of tea
  • Watching a movie that makes you laugh hysterically
  • Watching a movie that touches your heart
  • Painting
  • Writing a poem or book
  • Journaling
  • Working with crystals
  • Meditating
  • Listening to some powerful, high vibrational music (think Opera! Music with high vibrations is great for clearing your energy field).

Have other ideas? I’d love to hear them!! Post some comments below and let me know how you make Restorative Rituals a part of your routine.

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