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have you tried everything under the sun in an attempt to reach your goal weight/size only to be left feeling like crap and with lackluster results to boot?

Do you stare at the dress you have hanging in your closet that you bought in your *goal* size - but can't figure out why nothing has worked?

Are you DONE with "diets" that make you feeling starving and have you relying on pre-packaged meals?

Ready to give up losing and re-gaining the same 20 lb once and for all? 

Wondering why your bff can drop 10 lb by just giving up bread, yet for you even the sight of a chocolate chip cookie has your jeans feeling tight?

Maybe you've tried it all.. Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Keto, IIFYM - but nothing seems to work long term, if at all. you feel discouraged, defeated and are just about ready to give up.

well lady - I've got good news for you! You're in the right place!

If you're ready once and for all to smash your goals, and to TRULY find out what works for you - I am here to help you every step of the way! 

Using the Soul Powered Wellness™ protocol, I will develop the total body program that works best for your body, lifestyle and goals.

No more second guessing. No more not knowing what to do.
When it comes to getting clients results, I know that Bio-Individuality is at the forefront of any successful plan. it's true that Everyone needs a little something different, but when it comes down to it - there are five building blocks that must be supported in any fitness/wellness journey.

Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Restorative Practice, and Stress Management.

My 1:1 programs are tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and goals - and each program includes all 5 Building Blocks


Think it's all about calories and macros? Or maybe you believe that calories are irrelevant and it's all about clean eating? Truth is, Nutrition is much more complex than this. We are all SO different and each person has a unique nutritional need that will allow them to FEEL & LOOK their very best!


When it comes to exercise I am ALL about doing the MED (Minimum Effective Dose), in other words I am all about getting YOU the results you desire with the LEAST amount of work. Yep - you read that right! VERY OFTEN, I see clients who comes to me who are just not giving their bodies a break from exercise - often times, this is actually COUNTER productive to reaching your fitness goals.

 I have been a Personal Trainer for nearly 10 years and I can tell you that the BEST results often come from doing LESS and not MORE -- working out SMARTER not HARDER. 


I want you to consider this - do you actually, TRULY BELIEVE in your GUT - in your HEART OF HEARTS - that you CAN, WILL and DESERVE to reach your goals? Chances are - you've got some work to do here (hey - we all do!). The key to setting the tone to reaching your goals starts in your mind  - and sometimes we gotta fake it til we make it... but that's what I'm here for. It's not enough to say a mantra in the mirror every day - you need someone to hold your hand and remind you that you CAN and WILL do this. I believe in you - and I will believe in you every single day - even when you don't believe in yourself.

Restorative Practice

I bet I know a thing or two about you 😉. I bet you're the type of gal who works her BUTT of at everything she does. Whether it's your job, or your social life - you just about always give it 100%.

But the truth is - rest & restorative practice are a VERY big piece of the puzzle when it comes to reaching your goals.

Rest is JUST as (if not more) important that your workouts and your nutrition. REST allows your body to re-charge, your muscles to rebuild - and your mind to be clear.

Together, we are going to develop a restorative practice that makes you FEEL amazing & fully supports your mind, body and soul.

Stress Management

Most "diets" TOTALLY ignore stress management - and I find it absolutely SHOCKING! The truth is, the more "stressed" your body is - the harder it is to reach your goals. After all, the last thing your body is going to do when it's stressed is be OK with losing fat, building muscle or feeling ENERGIZED. Using my tried and true stress busting methodology - we are going to get you feeling in control and at peace in no time. 

I can promise you that!

But you need someone in  your corner, someone who has the experience, expertise and know-how. Someone who has worked with hundreds and hundreds of women and who understands that the body is a complex, beautiful system that needs to be fully supported. You need someone who is NOT just going to throw a cookie cutter meal plan in your face.

You need someone who will HEAR you, a coach who's in YOUR corner, who's got YOUR back 100% of the time.

So if you're done:
wasting money on jenny craig and shakeology..

feeling defeated all the time

telling yourself "i'll start fresh on monday"

Spending hours at the gym every day and not seeing the scale budge

Then I want to hear from you! I'm here to help, whether you are looking for a one time customized protocol - or a more hands on approach with 1:1 coaching. Feel free to check out my packages below. 

To schedule some time to talk about what option is best for you please feel free to book a complimentary discovery call here!

and you're ready to ...

reach your goals without starving yourself or feeling like a slave to the gym

fit into your skinny jeans once and for all - and FOR GOOD!

Learn HOW to eat - not just WHAT to eat for your goals & your body needs

Not sure? No worries! Let's chat and figure out exactly what you need.

diets? you've tried them all, and while some of them have worked in the short term they all left you feeling hungry, cranky and with zero energy. now, you are determined to learn all the secrets and figure out what works for YOU and YOUR BODY - and why nothing has ever really "stuck" in the past.

No more guessing, this time it's going to be different

Timeline: 3 months

a completely tailored approach to your body and your goals


1:1 coaching

• detailed on boarding process so that I can understand everything about your goals/body and lifestyle!
• customized nutrition plan including calories/macro breakdowns (if that's your thing), so that you never need to guess if your intake is in line with your goals.
• detailed meal templates, so that you never have to worry about *what*  to eat.
• a plan that teaches you how to meal plan on your own and include your favorite treats so that you never feel deprived.
• mindset coaching - so that you can tap into your true power & realize your potential.
• restorative practice protocols - so that we make sure to take care of your body mind & spirit!
• weekly email check ins - so that i can tweak your plan as we go based on the feedback your body is giving us!
• monthly phone calls - so that we can connect and stay on track!
• 24/7 email & text message support - because after all, we are in this together!



My one time protocol is for you if you've already got the self motivation & discipline to execute on your own.  

Want a more hands-off approach? 

a one time customized nutritional protocol to maximize weight loss for your body type


ONE-TIME Nutrition protocol

• 30 minute phone consultation
• 1 month customized nutrition plan (with or without macros), so that you know EXACTLY WHAT TO EAT FOR YOUR GOALS & BODY TYPE!
• 2 weeks of VIP coaching (unlimited email/text) to jump start your results


What's included

What's included

Grab one of my workout guides!

The Busy Girl's HIIT Guide

Beginner's Guide to Train For Your Goals



Looking for a cardio routine that will help ignite your fat loss results? Look no further than my Busy Girl's HIIT Guide. This guide comes with 5 High Intensity Workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere - no equipment necessary!

Looking to start weight training but not sure where to start? Or maybe you know how to work the dumbbells but you want a little something new. With my Beginner's Guide To Train For Your Goals - you will maximize your results in only 3 workouts per week. The only equipment needed is varying dumbbell weights! :)