jaimeHey there! 😊

My name is Jaime Morocco, and I am a Certified NASM Personal Trainer & Precision Nutrition Coach as well as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner And Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner in training. Whew – that was a lot of words !

I also quit my job in Silicon Valley in 2016 to pursue my dream full-time. And guess what my dream is? :). Sitting right here at my computer writing this “About me” section in hopes that I might be able to help people feel awesome 🙂

You see – I was a Personal Trainer after I graduated college (eek so long ago!), and I loved it. I worked my way up the ranks at the studio I worked at – but I felt like something was missing because I knew I wanted to have my own business one day.

So I went back to school for my MBA in entrepreneurship and ended up working in the start-up scene in Silicon Valley (& yes – it’s exactly like the HBO series).

While working in SV – I started an online Personal Training business because I really missed it. Yet, I felt so drained because I was having a hard time working my 9-5 and keeping up with clients. I ended up dreading going into work because I knew my heart was with my clients and in my business.. One thing led to another and in Summer 2016 I left my job to pursue my passion. (Want to know what really happened? I prayed for months I would get laid off and then I did – yipeee!)

So I did what any other 29 going on 30 something gal did who wanted to take a risk and pursue her dreams – I left the Silicon Valley world of tech and moved in with mom and dad back in my home city of Boston (yeaaaaah!). And here I am.

Through the 2016-2017  my business and outlook on nutrition and optimal health went through some major shifts. For years, I was taught that achieving optimal body composition was all about eating mostly nutrient dense foods, watching portion control, the proper split of macro nutrients, and getting adequate exercise. And it worked for the most part – as it does for MANY people, until it doesn’t.

In my own health journey, I began to feel tired, hungry and bloated all of the time, my period had gone missing and it seemed like I was always on edge. There were a lot of other not so fun things happening (eczema, ocular migraines, anxiety attacks – you name it!).

So I dug deeper and started working with a Functional Medicine Doctor. I was discovered I was dealing with a host of things- primarily hormone imbalances, gut infections. I later learned that the “source” of these problems had a LOT to do with stress (also known as Adrenal Dysfunction).

Sure – I was strong, fit and toned –  but on the inside I didn’t look so great. I realized that for so long I had prioritized my aesthetic goals for my health, and I knew I wasn’t alone.  My 6 hours (or less) of sub-par sleep mixed with my training schedule, work stress and at times under fueling left my body total stressed out.

And it was at this time that I noticed that my clients (many of whom have PCOS, hypothyroid, insulin resistance), were also experiencing weight loss resistance despite their superb adherence to their nutrition program and being told by their doctors that “everything looks fine”.

So I read everything I could get my hands. I began reading and researching different nutrition modalities along the lines of Paleo, Ketogenic and HFLC (High Fat, Low Carb) and I implemented what I learned – first on myself, then on family and friends and finally with a small group of clients before expanding it out. It was nothing new or novel – it was simple nutrition – tailored to what was needed for the individual.

But the results were astounding.

Once we reduced stress, got a handle on blood sugar, and moved to a higher fat/low carb lifestyle – hormones balanced out, weight came off and then I would get a text message that read, “I FEEL so much BETTER”.

These shifts in my outlook, which were proven to me by real world success stories, prompted me to further my education and help clients unearth the root causes behind their metabolic dysfunction.

What was even MORE interesting is that many of these clients had tried Whole30, Paleo even Keto before – but they didn’t realize that they had a few missing pieces to the puzzle.

2017-2018 is going to be an exciting year as I wrap up my training and begin to implement many more modalities into my practice!

Feel free to shoot me a note & say hi ! [email protected]