Fat Loss, Mindset

November 13, 2020

Two Types of Holiday Dieters (Don’t fall into this trap!)

Fat Loss, Mindset

Fat Loss, Mindset

jaime morocco

The holiday season is just around the corner and with that comes ALL sorts of feelings around food.

In this video, I describe the two types of dieting behaviors that I typically see as an online weight loss coach (and trust me – you don’t want to fall into either one of these categories).

The first type of dieter is the one who just restricts herself to “clean” foods during the holiday season. She finds herself feeling deprived, hungry, and like she is missing out. If she has even the slightest taste of something “forbidden” it turns in to a bingefest!

The second type of dieter is the one who “goes unconscious” from Thanksgiving until January 1 – resolving to “begin the diet” then.

In our online weight loss program Dream Body, Dream Life™, we coach our clients on how to embrace “the gray area”. In this video I walk you through the two dieting types and help encourage you to find your balance so that you can have your fav Thanksgiving pie and your skinny jeans too!



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