I’m not much of a chef, so when I actually make something I get excited and want to share!

Truth is, I am a BIG fan of RX Bars but they contain egg whites and I had to eliminate egg whites for some time due to food sensitivities (I have since reintroduced them and have been fine!)

Anyways, during this time I wanted to make a homemade version of RX Bars (sans egg whites) to have for a pre workout snack.

I work out in the AM so I need something quick and easy that I can just grab and go. Protein, carbs and fat make for great pre workout fuel and that’s exactly what we have here! Not to mention, collagen is AMAZING for hair, skin, nails and gut health!

These balls are packed with really great nutrients and only contain 3 ingredients! I call these my “Pre-Workout” Collagen Balls because they are the perfect pre workout snack – but you can really enjoy them anytime (although I recommend timing them pre workout or in the evening especially if you are dealing with hormone or blood sugar regulation issues).

Now let’s get to the Recipe…


Pre-Workout Collagen Balls


🔹2 cups Organic Almonds (I used Living Intentions Activated Almonds)
🔹8 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
🔹9 Organic Dates

Method: Combine in food processor, add water or unsweetened almond milk if it gets too dry (it shouldn’t). Roll into balls. You can actually roll them over some extra collagen so that they are not super sticky. Keep these in the freezer – they last for a few weeks and taste AMAZING!

They are so delish!

(Note: I do recommend eating them quickly out of the freezer because they can melt a little bit and get sticky.)

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