Dream Chasing, Mindset

June 6, 2017

Reflections on Chasing My Dream to Become an Online Personal Trainer & Coach

Dream Chasing, Mindset

Dream Chasing, Mindset

jaime morocco

I have been doing a TON of self-reflection lately and I want to share my thoughts with you.

This past weekend I was at a Wellness Business Summit and I had a blast!

Being in a room surrounded by people who are on the path to achieve their dreams is an incredibly inspiring experience.

I’m gonna get a little personal with you and tell you a little bit about why last Summer I left my “safe” tech job to pursue my dreams.

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching has always been my passion (Side note– I was a PT for several years after graduating from college, then went back to school for MBA and started working in tech in Silicon Valley. I always knew I would want to go back to training/coaching full time one day).

Truth is, when I was working in tech– I wasn’t able to be “all in” with my bizz, I had to be “techie Jaime” by day and “Coach Jaime” by night.

During this time, I was unhappy, felt constantly stressed, sad and depressed. I truly felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose.

So I took a leap, and made a decision.

Well actually, the universe made it for me– ha!
I knew that something had to shift.

So I kept putting my intention out there that I wanted to focus on JMF full time, and low and behold– the company went through a major lay-off (and I was a part of it).

A lay-off is scary time for many people– but I had been through lay-offs before (this is what happens in the SF start up scene quite often), and I knew deep down that this was my chance.

Of course, being the modern-day-hippie-dippie-chick that I think I am… I knew that it was a sign. ha!

I knew that I had to take a chance to pursue my dreams– it was now or never.

So I lept.

I went all into Online Personal Training & Coaching full time and never even considered going back to work in tech.

I kept telling myself…

“I WILL find a way to make this work. It’s not a question of IF I can, it’s HOW am I going to do it.”

Once I made that decision… once I decided in my head that nothing would stop me, things started to happen, things that helped me get to the next place, that helped me grow as a person and in my business.

It’s funny really how much life has our back if we just trust.

LOL– Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ways to go… and my boyfriend and I moved out of our SF apartment and in to my parent’s house in Boston (he started his own bizz this year too).

Some might consider this a step back to get forward.. but I try not to compare myself to other’s paths. This is my journey, and I have certainty that this is right for me.

Even though I know it’s going to require endless amounts of grit, determination, and work — I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.

So if you’re still reading this (kudos to you if you are!), you might be wondering how does this relate to fitness and nutrition goals.

Truth is, there are a LOT of similarities when it comes to building a business and reaching health/fitness goals.

There are set backs, “failures”, nights of crying, negative/self sabotaging thoughts.

But there are also celebrations, “wins”, synchronicities and tremendous growth.

Reaching our goals in life requires a leap of faith and a shit ton of hard work.

But first we have to decide what we want, and KNOW that we deserve it.

Ask yourself– what do YOU want?

I am a self-proclaimed Type-B person.

I am incredibly ambitious and determined, but I am NOT a perfectionist.

So when it comes to goal setting– even though I take a quite detailed/analytics approach with clients– when it comes to bigger visions/goals– I always start with a BRAINSTORM approach.

I feel it helps me collect my thoughts and feelings in one place.. then I can go from there.

What helps set the tone for me when I want to go about setting goals/visions and intentions for the New Year – is a mantra. Here is one that I use often:


I will reach my goals because I deserve it. I am worthy. In my heart it feels right. In my heart it is what I want.
I KNOW that I am the strongest and most powerful person in my life.

Today I have decided. Nothing will stop me.

Thank you for listening to my story, I hope that no matter where you’re at– you know that at any time you are capable of changing EVERYTHING.

Go chase those goals of yours…. whatever they are!

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