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September 18, 2016

5 Daily Essential Stretches to Fix (& Prevent) Desk Posture

Fat Loss, Wellness, Workouts

Fat Loss, Wellness, Workouts

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It’s no mystery that sitting for hours on end is not only detrimental for our cardiovascular health, but it can also take a toll on our “postural” health as well.

When we sit, we are in what is called a flexed position, meaning that many of the muscles on the front side of our bodies are in flexion. When muscles are in constant flexion, they become shorter or tighter. Because of this many of us end up with tight hip flexors, a sore low back, and rounded shoulders aka the “hunched back” look. The problem is, the more time spent developing poor posture patterns, the more normal it feels.

Stretching Can Help Prevent Injuries

As an Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, I spend a lot of my day sitting behind a computer interacting with my clients and writing programs. I also spend a few hours a week going to the gym to lift weights or do some HIIT circuits.

If I do not take the proper time to stretch I would be VERY vulnerable to gym related injuries due to postural imbalances and tight muscles from sitting all day long!

Stretching Helps You Achieve a More Full Range of Motion In the Gym

Still don’t think stretching is important? Think about it like this. When you have muscles that are short and tight, you cannot work them to their full potential. Have you ever seen a guy walking around looking like his biceps were permanently flexed? This is a classic example of having biceps that are too tight, which in turn makes it impossible to fully work the muscle (and it’s opposing muscle, the tricep), to it’s full potential. Or maybe you are wondering why despite all of your squats, hip thrusts, and lunges you still have a pancake butt? Well.. have you tried stretching your hip flexors? 😉

Bottom line: Having proper flexibility in muscles = increased ROM (Range of Motion), and thus the ability to tap into your body’s true strength & physique potential.

Take 10 Minutes A Day

Taking yoga or other participating in other exercise modalities that require the body to stretch is great, but it’s truly about making small changes in your everyday routine that will give you the best and most effective results.

Top 5 Stretches To Improve Flexibility & Fix “Desk Posture”

Here are my top 5 stretches that you can do EVERYDAY to help fix your desk posture. The best part? No equipment required except a floor and a wall 😉 These exercises are all links to YouTube videos that show the proper way to perform the stretch.

  1.  Hip Sequence : This is a great stretch to improve hip mobility and flexibility. Having more flexibility in your hips will make working your glutes a HECK of a lot more productive!
  2.  Prone Cobra: A great stretch to improve mobility  in the spine!
  3.  Scalenes & SCM Stretch:  Did you know that tension headaches can be related to tight neck muscles? This sequence is essential to prevent (and help fix) a tight neck!
  4.  Wall Slide Active Stretch: This is a great active stretch to help with shoulder mobility and posture!
  5.  Cat/Camel Active Stretch: Another great active stretch for spinal mobility!


5 essential stretches
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