The EFYG (Eat For Your Goals) program is an online coaching program designed EXCLUSIVELY for clients who are looking to reach their fitness/physique goals using a SUSTAINABLE but methodical method.

With a focus on balance (but also heavily on data!), I will work with you and coach you on the nutritional basics while showing you how to incorporate things you love on your journey to reach your goals.

EFYG has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals while proving to them that they do not need to resort to extreme, exclusionary or low calorie “diets” to get there. In this program you will work closely with me to learn the ins/outs of nutrition and how to implement strategies that will help you sustain your goals for life. Included in the program are weekly email check ins, 24/7 access to my private client group, group coaching calls, monthly 1:1 phone calls and most importantly a CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION PROTOCOL TO YOU!

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“Working with Jaime has taken a lot of the stress away from making this lifestyle change. She makes everything easy to understand and is always there to answer a question or offer support. I’m only halfway through the program and am at 75% of my goal.”Janae Bourgeois-Das

Looking for customized Nutrition Coaching AND Training? 1:1 Custom Coaching is for you! Customized Nutrition Coaching and Training Comes with everything in the EFYG program along with *Customized* Workout Programming, text message support, and access to my workout app powered by Trainerize.

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“Motivating, down to Earth, and passionate. Jaime is an excellent trainer/nutrition coach. Her fitness program is the real deal for real women.”Carrie Rose Ross