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5 Tips to Stay on Track for Thanksgiving

For many of us, it’s almost Thanksgiving (yay!!)

For the most part, Thanksgiving is a fun time that often involves travel, family and yummy food. But, when you have fitness/physique goals you’re after– Thanksgiving can certainly feel like a tough time to stay on track. Not to worry.. I’ve got you covered with these 5 SIMPLE tips you can follow to ensure you feel good about staying on track (and indulging a little too!) .

1.) Pick out 2-3 “treat” items you KNOW you want to indulge in ahead of time.

If you’re familiar with my guides, you know that I recommend 2-3 treat items per week while in fat loss/body recomp. If you know you love pumpkin pie and stuffing– go for it– but plan for it ahead of time and keep the rest of your turkey day eats on the healthy side!

2.) Pay attention to your body and stop eating when you are 80% full.

Feeling stuffed to the brim never feels good. Pay attention to your body and your hunger cues. When you are 80% full, stop eating.

3.) Stay hydrated.

Water will help gauge your “fullness” properly and it will also aid in your digestion. Aim for 1/2 oz per lb of bodyweight on non workout days and 1 oz per lb of bodyweight on days you are very active.

4.) Aim for mostly nutrient dense foods.

Stick to lean turkey breast, vegetables/fruits, healthy fats and whole grains. (But of course– save room for your treat items!!)

5.) If all else fails.. forgive yourself and move on.

If for some reason you overdo it on Turkey Day– get right back on track at your NEXT MEAL. Do not let one over the top meal turn into a week’s worth of bingeing. Be kind to yourself, realize you are human and NOT perfect..and move on!! 🙂

Check out the infographic below for the tips I mentioned. Click on the image to access the file so you can print it out if you’d like 🙂 Happy Turkey Day!

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